Being in two-handed typing shape took a bit longer than I anticipated, but it is good to be functional, again.  I broke my arm in 2006 by getting tangled in a hose and falling forward onto my hands.  What a shock it was to discover I could not push myself back up as my left arm "gave" up near my elbow.

My husband had left for work, the neighbors could not see me.  But, once again a dog to my rescue!  The yellow lab across the road, who was a sweet creature, would not come in the house when called.  When dragged in, she stood by the door and whimpered, so her lady looked out. She came to help me.  

Thank God for good neighbors and good dogs!

Another neighbor drove me to Mercy Hospital, then off I went for surgery at Altru in Grand Forks.  The screws in my arm did not hold, so then it was a titanium prosthesis cemented into the radius.  Recently, I felt twinges, and x-rays showed it was coming lose and needed to be removed.  I have healed rapidly, but have been told No heavy lifting.  Thank goodness Bill is able and willing.

Ah age!  I also have metal holding an ankle together from a slip on a frosty garage floor in 1997.  Bill has two new knees and a repaired shoulder.  We are well aware that not that long ago, prior to advancements in orthopedic surgery, we would be in bad, sad, shape and very limited in our activities.  Thank God for intelligent medical professionals, research, and procedures.  

Sometimes the world seems to be in such a mess.  But when we despair, we need to realize the benefits we have from advancements in science, from education and research, from caring neighbors, and from vigilent, intelligent dogs.