Healthcare providers in Marion, Ralls, Pike, Lewis, Shelby and Monroe counties are currently conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

Healthcare providers in Marion, Ralls, Pike, Lewis, Shelby and Monroe counties are currently conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). The assessment process includes a confidential survey developed by VVV Research & Development, Inc., an Olathe, KS based marketing, research, and consulting firm. Although participation in the survey process has already been strong, more area residents are encouraged to complete the online survey at
The results of this assessment, along with secondary research highlighting publicly available information regarding the health status of the region, will be explored at an upcoming town hall meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, June 20, at the Quality Inn in Hannibal  All area residents are invited to participate in this meeting. Participants will engage in the process of prioritizing health issues which will then be used by the steering committee to identify the region’s top priorities.
The results of this research and community assessment will then be used by regional health providers to develop a three-year strategy to address the top health challenges in the region.
A regional steering committee has been formed to lead and monitor this process. Participants include:  
Dr. Pranav Parikh, vice president - quality and medical affairs, Hannibal Regional Hospital; Judy Prater, director of nursing - Pike County Memorial Hospital; Lynn Olson, president - Hannibal Regional Hospital; Jean McBride, administrator - Marion County Health Department; Tanya Taylor, administrator - Ralls County Health Department; Audrey Gough, administrator - Shelby County Health Department; Diane Lay, administrator - Lewis County Health Department; Justin Selle, administrator - Pike County Health Department; Paula Delaney, administrator - Monroe County Health Department; Rhonda Stumbaugh, community health coordinator - Pike County Health Department; Lou Lemen, executive director - United Way of the Mark Twain Area; Tim Polley, executive director - Hannibal Regional Medical Group; Ginny Webb, marketing director - Hannibal Clinic; Renee Hendrickson, representative - Healthcare USA; Stephanie Thomeczek, executive director - Families and Communities Together (FACT); Betty Anderson, volunteer - Hannibal Free Clinic; Dr. Wendy Harrington, president - Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation; Julie Leverenz, Jean Kane, Jim Huhn, Paul McVicker – Hannibal Regional Hospital Project Coordinators and Support Team.
For information about the survey, the upcoming town hall meeting, or this regional health assessment and strategic planning process, contact Julie Leverenz, vice president – strategy and planning for Hannibal Regional Healthcare System and project coordinator for the CHNA, at