The line
In today’s political area, we see so many subjects.  Sequester, immigration, tax hikes, tax cuts, programs cut or expanded, gun control, and many others.
I know that my vision is probably overly simplistic, but really the answers to our problems are very simple.  Do the things that we should, when we should, according to our laws.
The first and largest problem is the government – all governments – local, state, and federal- have to live within their means. I learned through experience that you do not borrow money for luxuries. You only borrow for the most important necessities in life. Even for the necessities you can only borrow what you can pay back. I do not believe there is one politician in Washington that understands that or is willing to live that way.  It is just too much fun to spend. They are only interested in keeping their jobs.
I really don’t expect anyone to think exactly like I do. But all Americans have to make a stand somewhere. My stand is behind the ideas stated above. I really don’t care if there are hundreds standing with me or if I stand alone.  The message is for all government officials – from my local county sheriff to the president.  I stand for America and the things that will keep us strong. Not for anything that weakens us at home or abroad.

Roy H. Goodhart