Martin’s legacy:
a better town
It is with deep regret we learned of the passing of John “Jack” Martin. Jack served on the board of F&M Bank and Trust Company for 26 years. We will miss his wise counsel, loyal service, unwavering attitude, and virtue.
More important, Hannibal will miss this long time dedicated business and community leader with unparalleled service to our greater community. His volunteer service to Boy Scouts, Hannibal YMCA, Hannibal Chamber of Commerce, Hannibal Industrial Development Corporation, Northeast Missouri Humane Society, Trinity Episcopal Church, and Hannibal Regional Hospital are just a few of the organizations that come to mind quickly.
I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jack, really, all my life. We were next-door neighborhoods and his son Bill is still one of my closest friends. Jack and I joined the board of what was then Farmers & Merchants Bank and Trust in the same year - 1986.  We worked together monthly and sometimes weekly for the next 26 years.
Although we were separated by over two decades, and we viewed the world very differently, the respect, trust, advice and support I received from Jack invaluable. He made me a better person.     
I will never forget the first time in a board meeting, over a matter of disagreement and contention, I voted against our Chairman (my father) and for a proposal Jack had presented to the directors.  It was rather quiet at our next family dinner, but it was the right proposal for the bank.
The decades of support and service he showed our community - even into the winter years of his life - is what sets Jack Martin apart and makes him a true community leader.
Hannibal is a better place because of his time with us.

B. Stevens Plowman
F&M Bank and Trust