Sequestration: Is there currently a more hated or overused word in America? Unlikely in my opinion, but if it is not the most despised and overused word, it is certainly in the top five.
You may recall that all last year everyone in Congress and the administration were adamant that sequestration would never be invoked, that a resolution would be reached because we could not, as a nation, ever allow this to happen. Their plan failed. All of a sudden, and contrary to earlier predictions, everyone accepted that sequestration would happen and that was fine with them.
Well here we all are hoping to survive the slowly emerging effects of sequestration. What has happened so far and what can we expect? Keep in mind that rather than a complete government shutdown (although there may be some furloughs), sequestration will be more of a slowdown. Going through airport security, entering a federal building, getting a passport or a tax refund will become even more annoying and time consuming. I am not sayng that these things will not happen anymore; they will, but the lines and wait times will be longer than usual.
No doubt, none of you will be surprised to learn that all the wrong things are being cut, and working Americans will be paying more taxes and getting fewer services, all the while those unwilling or unable to work and contribute have yet to have any of their benefits reduced or cut (unlike military service members who have already had tuition assistance benefits eliminated.)

Jess Ornelas