Old Earth Evolutionists and Young Earth Creationist do not agree on the age of the Earth



                                        FOSSIL FUEL DECEPTION

For several years the origins of fossil fuels have been debated by Old Earth Evolutionists who religiously cling to their old theories, and Young Earth Creation Scientists, who have discovered factual proof relating to the origins of coal and oil. The latest scientific findings support evidence of the Biblical World Wide Catastrophic Flood of 4,400 years ago.   There are many questions about fossil fuels that can be answered by scientific discoveries of observable evidence presented by Young Earth Creation Scientists.  However, the Old Earth Evolutionists still impose their tired, unobservable theories upon our educational system.   The following list of questions present answers from both areas of thought.                                                                                     `

Where did fossil fuel come from? Both YECS and OEE agree that fossil fuels are the products of dead plants and animals.  However, OEE promote their assumptions that the formation of coal and oil occurred over millions of years. YECS have scientific proof that coal and oil can be produced in a laboratory under the right conditions of heat and pressure that cause a chemical reaction. Dr. Gary S. Day recorded the event of rapid formation of coal and oil in tests conducted by various laboratories that included the prestigious Argonne National Laboratory in his paper GENESIS AND THE ORIGIN OF COAL AND OIL – A REVIEW, APOLOGETICS,  Bible Study, Christianity, coal, Dr. Gary S. Day, Genesis, global warming, oil, February 4, 2010 Dr. Day also pointed out that marine fossils are found in the sediments of coal.. Dr. Day explained that vertical tree trunks within coal deposits are evidence of rapid formation due to a world wide catastrophic flood. Dr. Day reviews Gentry, “Radiohalos in Coalfield Wood, Science, 194, 315-318, 1976.  “On coalfield wood from uranium-rich rocks containing radiohalos, some which are apparently too young to support the uniformitarianism (evolutionary) position.”  “This is exactly what would be expected on the basis of a near simultaneous deposition of all the wood at the time of the flood.” (Creation’s Tiny Mystery, 1986) Dr. Day explains, “Five evidences that challenge the uniformitarian model of coal formation, yet provide evidence for the Flood model are as follows:

1)      There is no gradation from one coal rank to the other:

2)      The excessive amount of coal the extent of the deposits;

3)      The types of plants and fossils associated with many coal deposits;

4)      Evidence suggests a speedy and recent development of coal in nature; and

5)      The evidence of speedy and recent formation of coal in the laboratory.

Dr. Day challenges the evolutionary presumption that coal originated from                                                                                                             peat swamps, because coal deposits are found in geological strata that is already formed.  There is no evidence of gradual formation, or no “missing links” of the different types of coal.  There are many types of coal such as lignite, bituminous, and anthracite.  Their rank depends upon the depth of where they are found. Did it take millions of years to produce enough plant life to form coal?  NO.

Some evolutionists argue that there is not enough vegetation today to produce the vast known coal fields.  So, it must have taken millions of years to produce the trees that formed into coal.  They do not take into consideration that the pre-flood world was much different than the Earth is today.  The air bubbles in amber, petrified tree sap, proves there was almost twice as much oxygen in the atmosphere before the flood.  The increased oxygen level would account for a much greater mass of vegetation than there is today.  In “Sedimentation in Barred Basins and Source Rock Oil” by W.G. Woolnough: Origin of Evaporites, Tulsa, 1971, it is stated, “ .... nowhere in the world, at present, can accumulations of vegetable matter be found which are quantitatively commensurate with any of the major coal deposits of past geological time.”

Did God really flood the Earth?  YES.

The Bible records in Genesis 7:23  “And every living substance was destroyed which was upon the face of the ground…”  The Catastrophic World Wide Flood of 4,400 years ago was God’s judgment against the continual evil of mankind.  Only one righteous family was found, and spared.  The atheistic evolutionary community will not accept the Flood, because they do not acknowledge God, sin, or God’s punishment.  They have to excuse the lack of evidence for their  evolutionary theories with millions of years.  All their theories are unproven assumptions.  Why do we allow our children to be taught their philosophies of unproven assumptions?  Science should be based on observable facts.

Is everything in textbooks true?  NO.

Atheistic evolution mixes up true scientific facts with their unproven theories and ideas, putting the conglomeration in textbooks to be taught as all truth:

A. They avoid such discoveries as Polystrate tree fossils that run through rock levels, an obvious sign of the settling of sediment and debris after a flood.  Vertical tree   trunks are also found going through coal beds.

B.They claim that the rock levels represent millions of years of various ages of the earth, when it is obvious that the rock levels are the result of debris and sedimentation. 

      C.  The index fossils that are supposed to represent the age of the level are mixed up

      with other age level index fossils.


      D. Common sense about the larger, heavier animals, like dinosaurs, settling in the lower levels of the sediment are avoided.  So, atheistic evolution has dinosaurs living in an age before mammals.  However, there is proof that dinosaurs and man lived at the same time.  One of the best finds that prove this is the Turnage-Patton Trail in Glen Rose, Texas that has 134 dinosaur tracks with 29 human tracks.

Atheistic evolution mixes unproven Macro-evolution with observable Micro-evolution.  The Macro-evolution theory states that one specie can evolve into another specie, like fish to reptile, reptile to mammal, ape to human.  Since this is not observable, they throw in the theory of millions of years theory, trying to make us believe that maybe it could have happened over a long period of time.  Micro-evolution is a change within species that is observable true science.  The genetic thread within each specie can produce a variation of  different types of dogs, or different types of birds, or different types of reptiles, or different types of grains, or different types of trees.  There are many potentials in the genetics of a specie, but one specie cannot morph into another specie.  It has never been observed, and there are no transitional fossils.  Darwinian evolutionists have lots of old ape bones, that they claim were going to morph into a missing link between ape and man.  The fact is the bones they found are still ape bones, and there are no transitional fossils of ape men.  All they have are drawings of ape men from their theories.  It is an observable fact that apes do not give birth to ape-men or humans today.  Apes and humans cannot breed.  Reptiles and birds cannot breed.  Reptiles and mammals cannot breed.  They are all different species.  So, why does the fairy tale about ape men exist in textbooks along with observable science? Atheistic evolutionists have theories, opinions, ideas, interpretations, and philosophies that are unfounded, but printed in history books, literature books, and psychology books concerning God and the Bible.  Of course, they believe that there is no God.  It is their opinion that primitive man made up the idea about God.  They believe that all that is was not created by God, but came into existence by chance over millions and billions of years.  In their ignorance they live in the miraculous world that God created, breathe God’s miraculous air, eat God’s miraculous food, drink God’s miraculous water, live in the miraculous body God created for their soul, look at God’s miraculous universe through telescopes, observe God’s miraculous minute life under a microscope,  see the beautiful patterns God made in designing plants and animals,  and enjoy the beauty in the fabulous artistry of God’s many creations.  Yet, they say in their foolishness that there is no God, and all things just happened by chance. 


Environmentalists seem to be concerned today about the depletion of natural coal and oil reserves.  They also push for government limitations and possible elimination of the use of fossil fuels, because they believe they pollute the air.  They believe that  powerful government control of the environment is necessary.  Of course, there is a lot of money to be made by enlarging government control, a lot of taxes to be raised, and a lot of jobs to be lost in scaling down the fossil fuel industry.  Countries that import fossil fuels to our country are delighted, and laugh at us all the way to the bank as they stuff money in their pockets.  The foreign entrepreneurs are not concerned about pollution,  their goal is making money from our country. 

The Creator God provided fossil fuel for our convenience and comfort.  Why should we be denied the use of it?  Why should we make other countries rich by buying oil from them?  Over pollution of our environment should be addressed in order for us to stay healthy.  However, “Throwing out the baby with the bath water” is not necessary.  Destroying our economy and comfortable life style by over regulating the use of fossil fuel is unnecessary.  No matter how many opinions, charts and studies theorize that man can change the climate, only God can do that.  Man is not in control of climate.  If there is a slow melting of Polar Ice Caps, and a gradual rising of ocean waters, it is in God’s hands.  Mankind is helpless to do anything about it.  Mankind with all his knowledge is still a primitive witch doctor in the presence of the Almighty God.  God spared Noah and his family from the catastrophic world wide flood, because they were the only people who were His children.  The rest of the people were His creation, but they hated and rejected their Creator, and their lives were full of corruption.  They were not God’s children, they were His rebellious, wicked creation.

God’s Holy Word, the Bible, tells us that God will not destroy the world again by flood.  The rainbow is a sign of His covenant with man. (Genesis 9:16)  However, in the book of Revelation it is recorded that God will destroy the world again, and only His Children will be saved.  Revelation 6:12-17 prophesizes that there will be a great earthquake, the sun will become black, the moon will be as blood, the stars will fall from Heaven, the sky will roll up as a scroll (Einstein believed that the universe was like a scroll that could be rolled up.) Are atheistic evolutionary scientists smart enough to control the forces of God?  Can they regulate volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other catastrophic disasters today? No, but God has allowed modern science the knowledge to predict such disasters to help save lives. God told man in Genesis 1:28 to subdue the Earth, but He did not give man the power to control the Earth.  Man was created in the image of God, and put above the animals to rule over them.  It is sad and ridiculous that some men think they are one of the animals, and claim that they are descended from and ape.  Even little human children rule over their pet animals.  It is very obvious that mankind is far superior to any of the animals that God created.  How many of God’s highest creation will honor Him as their Creator and Savior?