I was intrigued by the “Canine Complications” story that recently made front-page news in the Courier-Post. I do not know the Taylors, nor have I met their dog, Moose, so I am nothing more than a spectator of events here. What I do know is that people can love their pets to a fault. I have personally witnessed this imbalance of human reasoning when dealing with some pet owners. It seems to me the imbalance is greatest in pre- or post-children pet owners.
If one’s idea seems to be 180° from most of their peers or neighbors, it may be time to re-examine it. I believe most people want to be good neighbors, and we definitely want to live by good neighbors.
It is not my intent to be antagonistic in this situation, but to appeal to the good reasoning of the Taylors. As I see it, the question that needs to be answered here is not who is right, but what is right.

Tim S. Fuqua