Find a treasure… right in your own backyard!
     By, Amanda Moser

My mom is a huge antique lover. While the bug has never bit me (too much dusting!) I have grown up around antiques and can certainly understand how a person can be charmed by collecting treasures from an era gone by. My mom’s collections were ceramic chickens, roosters, and hens and McCoy pottery.

Kirksville has a great selection of antique shops that routinely bring visitors to town. Our office has developed an entire itinerary around antiquing for travelers. Even if you are not shopping for an antique to take home, the stores in Kirksville are like miniature museums! Kirksville is certainly an antique destination!

Lawson Hill has over 30 dealers from Missouri and Iowa in a nice, large space.  Brown Bear Antiques is one of the newest dealers in town. Dee’s Good Old Days is an old favorite. The Princess Emporium is located in the beautifully restored historic Princess Theatre and features vendors with a wide variety of furniture, apparel, ceramics and more. Linen Lady Antiques has another historic location- The Grim Building. Their store has an original ceramic fireplace that is worth stopping to see.

We talked to Kathy Roberts of Lawson Hill Antiques and she had this to say about antique shoppers in Kirksville. “Antique lovers are die-hards. They like to find locations that offer several stores.  They have money to spend to eat and shop. Antique lovers tell their friends (unless they want the bargains to themselves!) Repeat customers who come back as often as they can. We have a couple from Albia, Iowa who come every 2 weeks. In the past few weeks, we’ve had visitors from all over Missouri, Iowa, Georgia, New Mexico, Kansas, Minnesota, Colorado and Illinois. “

Whether you collect pottery, kitchen ware, books or games, furniture, farm implements or whether you simply appreciate the history of the merchandise, spend some time browsing Kirksville’s antique treasures!