When my cardiologist told me I needed to make it a point to start exercising, I decided the only way that I could assure myself of listening, was to do something I enjoyed. So, with that, I signed up to play softball.

I haven’t played in several years. Actually, I honestly think I haven’t played since I left active duty military service in 2008. Regardless, I was out there on the field Thursday night trying to do my best Carlos Beltran impression for my team, Immanuel Baptist Church.

However, I was nowhere near the star Beltran is, instead, the way I swung the bat, I was more along the lines of Tony Cruz. That’s right, I was a big fat 0-for-4. But there is a bright side, I did not strike out, not once.

No, instead, I grounded out twice, hit into a fielders choice to end the inning once and was put out on an infield fly. This was a real infield fly rule though, not like the one-game playoff infield fly the Cardinals and Braves had back in October.

Regardless of my inability to get a hit, my defense in right field was flawless. Of course, nothing was hit to me to make an error on, either.

My team lost last night, but we had fun. It was a great experience and I look forward to next week’s game. But, because of one play, I will never forget the first game of our season.

Our team ws trailing 13-2 in the third inning and for as long as I have been around the game of baseball and softball, I have NEVER in my life seen a play like I saw last night.

One of our batters hit a ball that he apparently thought was a foul ball, but it stayed fair. The batter just stood a foot out of the box while everyone yelled at him to run while the pitcher picked up the ball and was standing within arms reach of him.

After what seemed like an eternity, our batter finally decided to run. As the pitcher scrambled to tag him, he decided to throw the ball to first to record the easy 1-3 putout, but the ball hit the runner who then beat the throw and was declared safe at first.

Both teams were laughing at the whole thing. It was a once in a lifetime moment to see. That batter eventually came around to score too!
In the end, we lost 17-13, but like I said, we had fun. And most important, I have finally started to get the exercise my cardiologist wants me to get.