I just saw the election results. I wasn't surprised. Hannibal is quite easily the most apathetic and sloppy town I've ever had the chance to try to establish a residence. I moved here to try and restore a home for my parents. We did that. We now have "the best home on the worst block." My dad fought so hard for a school crossing on Broadway, just to help our kids. So much for that. Local police do not enforce.
When I first moved here, I thought this was a really nice town. After 8 years of residence, I reject Hannibal's proclamation that it is "America's Hometown." I seriously doubt that Mr. Clemens would be proud. Even Mark Twain left here and went away. I'd like to do the same, but no one wants to buy.
Back to the election result. I sincerely hope the Honorable Mr. Hark will clean up his town. Oh, by the way, how much was spent on Stardust Drive when most tourists see Hannibal through Broadway?

Chris Dannenberg