Lights + Snow = Dark

Looking for the Light

            Recently I hosted two groups at our home for their regularly scheduled business meetings.   A little extra dusting, a little extra shoveling for my hubby to insure the snowy sidewalks are in safe, safe condition but they are both fun groups no major stress in preparation – until I went to turn on the outside lights.

            Now some background info is needed.  We live on a corner lot and have two – yes two – “front” doors.   The house takes its address from the street side and that is the side the mailbox is located on.  Anyone looking for the house with the address as the guide will come to that door.  There is a HUGE evergreen in the yard by the door which blocks out most of the corner street light so it is imperative to have the outdoor light on to illuminate the five steps up from the street.

            The second “front” door is on the avenue side. The steps up are wider, our own yard light is located on that side and there is a large concrete patio area in front of the door.  If you’ve been to our home more than once, you will probably come to that door.  It leads into our kitchen where all the fun starts anyway.  It also has an outdoor light by the door.

            So all is going well for the appearance of the first group– coffee is perking; ample seating is ready – time to turn on the outdoor lights. Flip the switch by the street door – nothing.  Turn switch off and on, off and on - no light.  Replacing the light bulb involves a ladder and there is not sufficient time for that so a quick alternative of opening the door and leaving the interior light on will have to do.  Moving to avenue side, flip the switch again –nothing.  Turn switch off and on, off and on – why do we do that? do we think something will change? – still nothing.  Time continues to be a factor so the yard light will have to do.

            Immediately after the first group, the ladder is brought out, strategically placed on the snowy steps and light bulbs are replaced and tested.  All appears to be well.  So second group is set to arrive – preparations are made, time to turn on the outdoor lights.  Any guesses where this is going?  No lights! Not on the street side! Not on the avenue side!  A quick glance at the lights and the reason is clear.  Our latest snowstorm with its shifting winds had somehow filled the globes with snow. 

            If you’re looking suggestions on lighting or other energy and safety features for you home, check out the NDSU Extension website at  As for our lights, I think I will wait until the snow melts.