The National Weather Service reports that the latest snowstorm dumped 8.5 inches on Hannibal.

Among those moving snow Monday morning in downtown Hannibal was Brother Justin Mosher, pastor of Fifth Street Baptist Church.
“We’re sick of it,” he said, as he took a brief break from his shoveling. “We keep joking that somebody needs to fire the groundhog. He got it wrong.”
It’s not just adults who are snow weary.
“You know it’s bad when my little girl (Blythe), who is 6 years old, looks out the window and goes, “Dad, not again. I’m so sick of snow. I am done with snow.’ What 6-year-old is ever done with snow?” laughed Mosher.
Mosher volunteered to move snow near the church on Monday morning.
“We don’t have anything until Wednesday night, but the longer it sits, the worse it gets, the harder it is to scoop,” he said.
Fifth Street Baptist Church was one of several area churches to cancel services on Sunday.
“About 7:30 (a.m. Sunday) I looked out and the roads were pretty clear. I sent a Facebook message and e-mail saying we’re going to go ahead and try. By 8:30 (a.m.) I got about 10 ... 15 calls saying, ‘Hey, we’re not going to make it. Are you still going to have it?’ A deacon called me and said, ‘We probably ought to cancel it,’” said Mosher. “We’ve got a lot of elderly members and it’s not healthy for them to be out when it’s slick. It’s just not worth it to risk anybody getting hurt. We just persevere.”
In Hannibal, 8 inches of snow was recorded at the Water Filter Plant. According to the National Weather Service, 8.5 inches of snow had fallen in Hannibal through 7:30 a.m. Monday.
Elsewhere in the area snowfall amounts were: Clarksville, 13 inches; Bowling Green, 10.6; Clarence Cannon Dam, 7; Vandalia, 7; Edina, 6.6; Saverton, 6.5; Monroe City, 6.2; Canton, 5; Shelbina, 5; Quincy, Ill., 3.