I applaud the efforts of the Central Park Neighborhood Association and its co-sponsor, the Courier-Post, in working to develop a debate as an annual forum for Hannibal voters to get information to assist in making the best decisions in electing City officials. The debate was handicapped by the decision of some candidates not to participate. As moderator, I tried to frame questions that would help me and other Hannibal voters in making a good decision in this election. The following are exemplars of the questions which were asked:
1.  The City of Hannibal operates under a city manager form of government in which the legislative power is placed in the City Council and the administrative power is placed in the City Manager.  How do you describe the function and the role of the Mayor in City government and what are your qualifications to fill that role?
2.  What is your vision for the future of the City of Hannibal?  What is the role of City government in general and the Mayor/Council in particular in reaching that vision for the future and what are your qualifications to help the City in reaching its potential?
3.  Why are you running for Mayor/Council?
In future years I hope that the Central Park Neighborhood Association or other organizations will sponsor debates so that voters can have the opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison of the candidates. That will help voters in electing candidates best qualified to serve them.

Branson L. Wood III