Barta, Dobson
in city forum
Invitations were sent to all candidates of the March 14 mayoral and council debate, and the only two to agree to participate were mayoral candidate Lou Barta and city councilman candidate Michael Dobson, which in my opinion shows that they are perhaps the only serious candidates as they cared enough to come share their “vision” and answer questions. I am a registered voter and have lived in Hannibal all my life, Unfortunately, I was unable to attend this event due to work. I don’t know Roy or Monica (the other candidates) personally and this would have been a great opportunity for them to attempt to capture my vote. They failed to show they care. I have been a supporter of Lou Barta as mayor from the beginning due to his passion to help make this city something the community can be proud of. The fact that he was the only mayoral candidate to show up and share his plan further proves my support of him. I hope the general public will think about this and share my opinion that we want a community leader that wants the best for this city and vote accordingly.
After discussing this with some of my neighbors who attended I found that the newspaper had refused to cover the story because they thought it would be unfair to the candidates who were not in attendance. Our newspaper is already a joke amongst the community, and by not covering this event, this to me furthers their point.

Anna Anton Thomas