President Obama commented that the Federal debt is not an immediate pressing crisis. Guess who agrees! Speaker of the House John Boehner agrees. The Republican budget guy, Paul Ryan, also said he agrees. These are astounding confessions. Two of the guys who have, for more than four years, taken the lead in using every device short of a flamethrower to set your hair on fire with fear about “our national debt crisis” have now publicly confessed that, not only were they yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater, they actually knew there was no fire! We do have crises in America. We have a poverty crisis, connected to a jobs crisis, connected to a weak economy crisis. We urgently need to solve these three crises, as well as strengthening Obamacare to continue to fix our broken healthcare system. But Republican nostrums to fix the fake debt crisis have made every one of the above real crises worse. Government spending cuts have already put close to 1 million Americans out of work. The new spending cuts called “the sequester” are estimated to put an additional 700,000 Americans out of work. All because Republicans hate the idea that government can be part of our national team. “We can’t afford it!” is the Republicans excuse to get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. So, repeat after the President, repeat after John Boehner, repeat after Paul Ryan, repeat after me: “There is no immediate Federal debt crisis.”

Dave Klassen