The sad truth of forty years ago revealed.

Since I last posted, much has happened.  Generally, people are pleased to be proven right.  As the lies and betrayals by politiciams have been brought forth, there is no cause to celebrate being correct.  This information is from an article by David Taylor of the BBC News.

It is now revealed that Richard Nixon betrayed the entire country and wasted thousands of American and Viet Namese lives.  Lyndon Johnson was prepared for peace talks in Paris with Viet Nam.  Nixon sent a staffer, Mrs. Chennault, to get a message to Nguyen Van Thiew that they should withdraw from the talks as they "would get a better deal from Nixon!"  

LBJ knew what traitorous business Nixon was up to and told candadate Hubert Humphry in 1968.  They did not go to the press as they did not want to reveal that the FBI had bugged the Vietnamese embassey.  These were the days of unrest, riots, protests against the war.  It was also a time of Civil Rights demonstrations and great injustices at home.

Nixon's underhandedness resulted in him winning the election by less than 1 %.  He expanded the war into Laos and Cambodia, and wasted 22,000 American lives.  And how many Vietnamese were killed, burned by Napalm, tortured, or worse.  We knew people who were wounded, maimed, or killed, so it is very personal.  It still is for many.

I don't know if there is a Hell, but information like this, learning of the betrayal the American people, and of the military, and of his wife and daughters, makes me hope there is.