Members of the Hannibal Woman’s Club were treated to an enjoyable musical performance by the Pike Pipers during their regular meeting on Feb. 12, 2013.  The group was presented by the club’s Arts Department, and was formally introduced by Mrs. Evalie Hare.
The Pike Pipers is a talented ensemble of six women from Illinois who excel at performing a variety of period music on the recorder.  Prior to the performance, the audience learned that there are four types of the instrument, each producing a distinct sound. Anna Borrowman, spokesperson for the Pipers, explained that the modern instrument they use is made from plastic. Wooden recorders tend to become clogged with moisture from the air expended in producing the music. Alice Cripe and Suzanne  Lanchester specialize in the soprano recorder, Jo-an McIntire and Elizabeth Turnbull the alto, Kris Camphouse the tenor, and Anna Borrowman the bass.
The program began with six lively Renaissance dance tunes, followed by two traditional Irish folk melodies, and concluded with two American folk songs from the 1850’s.  The Pike Pipers have been playing together for about three years, and thoroughly enjoy practicing their art several times each month.  Ms. Borrowman indicated that the ensemble will perform for clubs and groups in the area when given at least three weeks advance notice.
During the educational portion of the meeting, Frank North and the current Rotary Club Exchange Students were welcomed to Woman’s Club.  Marlene Morali (Germany) and Davide Schiralli (Italy) traveled to Hannibal in August of 2012, and are both attending Hannibal High School.  Marlene presented a power point program which included photos of her home town, as well as other familiar tourist attractions in Germany.  Both young people happily answered lively questions from the ladies in the audience regarding their impressions of the United States, their favorite American foods, studies at the high school, and future plans. The women were truly impressed by the maturity level of the students, along with their excellent command of the English language.
The morning concluded with a short business meeting, at which time President Babs Herring announced that the 108th Anniversay Tea will be from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. March 12, 2013. Ms. Herring will graciously open her home as hostess.