President Obama should stand up and be a leader instead of blaming Republicans for the sequester.   He claims that he wants a balanced approach to the nation’s budget problems but he does not propose any ideas that address the real problem.  Our federal government is currently spending 3.8 trillion a year but only collecting 2.5 trillion in revenue.  Our president does not want to cut any spending except military spending and he does not have the courage to tell his supporters that if they want big government we will all need to pay more taxes.  In his first campaign he said it was morally wrong for George Bush to run up debts that our children will have to pay.  Now he tells his low information voters that they can have their cake and some member of the 1 percent will pay for it.
Total Federal spending will continue to expand faster than either population growth or GDP unless we change course.  It’s time for an adult conversation about government spending and taxes.   We need our President to participate in a constructive manner instead of trying to divide Americans!

Harry R. Graves