Heavy February snowfalls continue to generate headaches in March.

Heavy February snowfalls continue to generate headaches in March. On Tuesday night the Hannibal City Council heard the complaints of a downtown businesswoman, who says the practice of pushing snow to the curb negatively impacted downtown businesses.
“I have lived in Hannibal for 51 years and up to about five years or so (ago) the snow went to the middle of Broadway. Now it is in the parking spaces and on the sidewalks,” wrote Cindy Benjamin, owner of B&B Cut & Style at 211 Broadway. “This is a problem for customers to get into my business.”
City Manager Jeff LaGarce explained that the volume of snow received on Feb. 21 simply made it impossible to push to the center of Broadway. Had all the snow been piled in the middle of Broadway, a dangerous situation would have resulted, according to LaGarce.
Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Knickerbocker noted that in a snowstorm like the one the city recently experienced, “everyone is at a disadvantage.”
LaGarce reported that a new snow-moving plan is being developed that will allow larger amounts of snow to be pushed to the center of Broadway.
LaGarce and members of the Council took the opportunity Tuesday night to express their appreciation to members of the Street Department and Parks Department for their work during recent winter weather.
In other business:
• Bob Stevenson, general manager of the Hannibal Board of Public Works, presented his quarterly report. He noted that millions of dollars in upgrades are needed to the city’s waste water and water systems.
• A financial advisory agreement between the BPW and WM Financial Strategies was approved. The goal is to help the BPW in obtaining financing for waste water and water treatment projects. The fee will be dependent on whether the BPW borrows funds or goes directly to the bond market.
• A voluntary physical fitness program for the Hannibal Fire Department was approved. Those with passing scores in each area will be awarded with comp time not to exceed eight hours of paid leave time per testing period. Individuals can receive up to a maximum of 16 hours annually. According to Chief Bill Madore, the program will not require a salary increase. The program is comparable to the one implemented by the Police Department in 2009.
• Approval was given a 20-year lease with the Hannibal Boat Club for the riverfront property it uses. The lease fee will be $100 a year.
• Elite Lawn Care Plus was awarded the airport mowing contract. Its bid of $4,200 for 2013, ‘14 and ‘15 was the lowest of five submitted.
• Adair Lawn Care was awarded the flood wall mowing contract. Its bid of $3,000 for 2013, ‘14 and ‘15 was the lowest of six submitted.
• Permission for street closures and public alcohol consumption was approved for Down by the River events on May 10, June 14, July 12, Aug. 9 and Sept. 13.
• Street closures were granted to accommodate the Mississippi River Run scheduled Saturday, Aug. 24.
• The Council OK’d street closures that will be needed for the Mud Volleyball tournament from June 29 through July 8. The only thing that must be resolved is providing vendors alley access to the Farmers Market on Saturday, July 6, when the Hannibal Cannibal occurs.
• The following appointments were approved: Brandi Lionberger to the Hannibal Free Public Library Board for a term to expire in June 2014; Pam Ginsberg to the Mark Twain Home Board for a term to expire in November 2020; Al Pabst to the MU Extension Council for a term to expire in February 2015.
• A public hearing was scheduled for the rezoning of Lot 3 of the McClelland Subdivision (6:45 p.m., Tuesday, April 2).
• A handful of Traffic Committee recommendations were accepted.