The overall team winners in the Shooter’s Education program were announced at a banquet Friday, March 1.

The overall team winners in the Shooter’s Education program were announced at a banquet Friday, March 1.
The winning team was Elizabeth Stilley, James Largent, Jordyn Hamm and Olivia Clark, coached by Brian Fowler.
The shooter’s education program, sponsored by the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department, began in November. The firearm safety awareness program is for children ages 8-16. Mark and Tammie McKinney are program coordinators.
The second place team was: Kearston Creason and Alyssa Halemeyer, coached by John Fowler and Jacob Hamm.
The third place team was: Caleb Allen, Dillion Miesel, Geana Gilbert, Samantha Hampton and Sierra Barbee, Coached by Brandi Ehret.
Other teams were: Devon Halemeyer, Evan Flaspohler and Brad Tutor, coached by Kale Flaspohler; Bailee Sue Zinn, Benjamin Brown, Sarah Stilley and Trinity Tutor, coached by Chuck Ehret; Ashton Wallace, Dalton Largent and Morgan Jones, coached by Heath Ehret; Dakota Laster and Matt Wilson, coached by Sean Clark; Carter Sims and Jillian Scholes, coached by Markie McKinney; and Clayton Sims, David Tutor and Shelby Patterson, coached by Maria Clark.
The Hatton Award was given to: John Fowler, Jacob Hamm, Kale Flaspohler, Jordyn Hamm, Sierra Barbee, Heath Ehret, Markie McKinney and Maria Clark,
Mayor Roy Hark received the Dietle Award.
Other winners were:
Top positions - 8-10 year olds: Prone, Elizabeth Stilley; Sit, Evan Flaspohler; Knee, Evan Flaspohler; Stand, Evan Flaspohler; 11-13 year-olds: Prone, Kearston Creason; Sit, Olivia Clark; Kneel, Olivia Clark; Stand, Heath Ehret; 14-16 year-olds: Prone, Kale Flaspohler; Sit, Maria Clark; Kneel, Kale Flaspohler; Stand, Kale Flaspohler
Top Test - 8-10, Elizabeth Stilley; 11-13, John Fowler; 14-16 Kale Flaspohler
Top Shot - 8-10, Evan Flaspohler; 11-13 Samantha Hampton; 14-16, Kale Flaspohler
Most Improved - 8-10, Elizabeth Stilley; 11-13, Samantha Hampton; 14-16 Sierra Barbee
Sportsman - 8-10, Brad Tutor; 11-13, Olivia Clark; 14-16, Sarah Stilley
90+ Club - John Fowler, Kale Flaspohler, Jordyn Hamm
10 Times - Jillian Scholes, Markie McKinney, Dakota Laster, Matt Wilson, Ashton Wallace, Heath Ehret, Morgan Jones, Caleb Allen, Geana Gilbert, Samantha Hampton, Sierra Barbee, John Fowler, Kale Flaspohler, Evan Flaspohler, Brad Tutor, Maria Clark, Shelby Patterson, Dalton Largent, Jordyn Hamm, Elizabeth Stilley, Kearsten Creason, Sarah Stilley