If you research the written history of any town or city, you will begin to notice that each time period contains repeated mentioning of citizens who have made a difference in improving it. If you would happen to dig further into those citizen’s backgrounds, you will also notice they have a lot in common, most noticeably a love for the community in which they live and an unselfish willingness to give of themselves to improve it.
These are persons who are involved and actively working for many causes. They have a history of positive improvement in themselves and others. They are the persons who people can rely on to get it done. They are people who look at the facts and always try to do what they feel is right and, if they do make a mistake, they readily admit it. These are people others may or may not love, but will always respect. In summary, these are the people vital to the positive growth of every community.
As a past Quincy alderman, I’ve had the privilege of working with many movers-and-shakers over the years and, knowing Lou Barta, have found him to be that same type of person. As such, I ask that you to examine his background, consider what he has already done for Hannibal, and what he can do for Hannibal in the years to come. Do something great for Hannibal by electing Lou Barta as your mayor on April 2.

Bob Brewer
Quincy, Ill.