Doom and gloom is the message marketed by the federal government over the mechanism established by our elected officials to begin the balance the federal budget and eliminate the federal debt. Talk, talk, talk, and now begins the walk.
The civilian employees at Yuma proving Ground (YPG) will see their paycheck reduced by 20 percent and their 10 hour days will now be reduced to eight. But the civil employees will still have a job with benefits and a future retirement.
A couple of years ago District 1 was having a similar revenue problem and our elected officials decided to terminate teachers and increase class size. Those district employees joined the unemployed. Certainly, District 1 could have reduced everyone's compensation by an equal amount and there would be paychecks for all.
Yuma County elected officials used a 2010 change in state statutes to implement a plan to get the voters to extend the Jail District sales tax, sell bonds to borrow revenue, and use that law and revenue to buy new 'rolling stock' for the Sheriff Department. Former Sheriff Ogden opined in a text published by the YUMASUN that, if the tax was not extended, the jails would be emptied. The Jail Annex now houses no prisoners and the jail has reduced inmates.
The only problem with government in this time of 'great recession' is that the elected officials forgot to include themselves in the compensation reduction.
Perhaps the elected officials of government didn't really forget?

Jack Kretzer
Yuma, Arizona
Formerly of Hannibal