Bill Williams, a mechanic for the Hannibal Street Department, was a busy man Monday.

Bill Williams, a mechanic for the Hannibal Street Department, was a busy man Monday. He was hustling to repair some of the city’s fleet of snow-moving vehicles that turned up with mechanical issues following last week’s 9.75-inch snow.
“We’ve got some trucks broke down. Our biggest concern right now is trying to get them back together and running,” said Jim Hoskins, assistant street supervisor, noting that three trucks had problems.
Not everything will be fixed by the time snow begins to fly on Tuesday.
“We had a rear end go out on one and we’re doing some switching around, putting a spreader and plow on another truck,” said Hoskins. “We’ve also had some cables and hoses break.”
Last week’s blowing snow caused some mechanical issues.
“It was blowing in the grill, fogging up the windows and overheating the transmissions. We had to be careful with that,” said Hoskins. “It also wound up pretty wet and heavy. It was a pretty hard snow to move.”
 Despite the weekend’s snow-melt, large piles of snow remain. Where will the latest round of snow be piled?
“That’s a good question. We’ll just have to make the best of it, that’s all we can do,” said Hoskins.
“We’ll try to go from curb to curb,” said Williams. “We’ll do the best we can to make people happy.”
Unlike 2011, when a record 22 inches of fell and private contactors were hired to haul away piles of snow, no outside help has been brought in. Could snow have to be hauled away after the latest storm?
“We might not have any choice, but I really don’t know. It all depends on how much we get. If we get rain before… They’re not really sure of the track of the storm. It’s kind of up in the air,” said Hoskins. “Hopefully we don’t get any ice.”
Hoskins was not fretting about how much snow the city might receive.
“I try not to look at it too far because you never know,” he said. “The main thing is getting these trucks repaired and have them all ready. We’ll just have to deal with whatever we get.”