The Reidel Foundation helped established the Watch Dogs at Veterans Elementary School.
A group of dads volunteering their time to assist in the school, keep an eye out and give everyone piece of mind.
All the way from helping students with something, to watching for people who enter the building — maybe they see somebody they're not familiar with. They want to make sure who they are and make sure they're supposed to be there. Hopefully our security is already working to where we already know that. Those dads are there to watch over those kids and help whenever they can," Hannibal School District Business Manager, Dana Ruhl, said. "It's alive and going well."
Well now it appears there may be an expansion of the group.
Hannibal Superintendent Jill Janes announced at the regular meeting of the Hannibal School Board Wednesday night, the group may grow to include other schools in the district.
"I think there's conversations going on at Mark Twain, perhaps conversations going on at Mark Twain, perhaps conversations going on at Eugene Field," Ruhl said.
If you're thinking this is a chance for those who have licenses to carry a weapon, think twice. Ruhl made it clear no guns are allowed in any district buildings unless you're on duty police officer.
"If police are in our building as police on duty, we do not tell them they cannot bring their guns in," Ruhl said. "We need to have them armed to keep us secure."
As far as an off-duty cop lending their time, Ruhl said he's not aware of law enforcement policies when officers aren't on the clock, but said the district prefers all volunteers in the Watch Dog program to abide by district rules.
Thus far it's only a group for dads by dads, as to whether or not a mom can join, Ruhl said with a laugh it's unknown if the "by-laws" allow it.