May God help us
This is the presidential speech I would like to hear:
Ladies and gentlemen of this great nation. Never before in history has this land seen so much tragedy and loss of lives as we have since the terrorist attack on Sept. 1, 2001. We’ve had forest fires, tornadoes and floods.
God is trying to tell us something. We better listen.
We, who make and enforce the laws of this land, have come to this conclusion. Through great frustration and failure to lead this nation with truth and integrity, we acknowledge the cause of our distress and failure. Our founding fathers were absolutely right in making laws which are in direct agreement with the Bible. Our laws have been rewritten to please various groups and now they no longer agree with the scriptures.
We are asking for God’s forgiveness and asking all Americans who claim God to be their only hope to pray for all government leaders, myself included. As of this moment, I refuse to acknowledge or bow to any God other than Jehovah God, who made this great nation what it is, a nation under God.
The Ten Commandments which are engraved in our government office buildings will not only be seen, but will also be heard and incorporated in congressional decisions. You’ve heard me say “America needs change.” It’s apparent to me now that the change we need is to return to Godly values and allow Him to govern our thoughts and actions in leading us back to a nation truly under God. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. May God help us!

Marty Miller