The next round of dredging at the Hannibal marina will cost $81,250.

The next round of dredging at the Hannibal marina will cost $81,250. The City Council approved a contract with IWS Dredging for that amount during Tuesday night’s meeting at city hall.
The Nipper Park Marina is currently in need of dredging immediately for it to operate at normal pool levels during the upcoming boating season, according to a memo from Andy Dorian, director of the Hannibal Parks & Recreation Department, to the Council.
At 10 feet, which is the normal pool level, there should be a depth of from 5 to 6 feet in the marina. In many areas around the boat slips and covered docks there’s only a few inches of water, or dry ground is now visible.
The decision at the Parks Department wasn’t whether or not areas of the marina need to be dredged, but how much sediment should be removed – 5,000 cubic yards or 8,000 cubic yards. Removing 5,000 cubic yards would target the boat slips and some of the covered dock area. The 8,000 cubic yards would have resulted in the entire marina being fully dredged.
The Parks Department sought bids for removing 8,000 cubic yards. The lone bid received was for $108,720 from IWS Dredging.
“That was a little more than I felt comfortable with,” said Dorian.
After some consideration, the decision was made to remove just 5,000 cubic yards of silt, focusing on the boat slip area only. That work will enable the marina to continue operating.
The plan now is to remove the covered dock and slips this fall. That action was approved by the Council and Park Board in late 2011.
Dorian reports that letters have been sent out to five boat owners, notifying them they have one year to remove their boats. Currently only two boats occupy slips at the covered docks.
Eventually a company will be hired to remove the spud poles and covered docks.
Mayor Roy Hark questioned Dorian about a flow-through pipe that was included in marina plans. Dorian said if such a pipe even exists, it is now “several feet” below the silt line. He added it would be a “very large project” to expose it again if it is there. Such self-cleaning methods have been tried unsuccessfully in other marinas, according to Dorian.