He's sitting in jail accompanied by his thoughts and fellow inmates.
The charges against him are very serious.
Sexual assault. Sexual abuse. Forcible rape. Felonious restraint. Child molestation. If any of these turn into convictions, 18-year-old Trevor Hubbard's future could become tainted with a portion of life spent behind bars.

He's sitting in jail accompanied by his thoughts and fellow inmates.
The charges against him are very serious.
Sexual assault. Sexual abuse. Forcible rape. Felonious restraint. Child molestation. If any of these turn into convictions, 18-year-old Trevor Hubbard's future could become tainted with a portion of life spent behind bars.
A lot of new information came to light at his preliminary hearing last month. His alleged 15-year-old victim, who is also his former girlfriend, testified that he came over to her house on Oct. 16, 2012, drug her into the bathroom and had unconsentual sex. The girl, who is identified only by her initials, A.M., because she is a minor, also said Hubbard blocked the bathroom door with his foot. She later called her mom and not long after that is when authorities got involved.
But there's now new information in regard to details in this case. And according to the parents of both the victim and the suspect, things allegedly happened between the time of the incident and the moment authorities got involved.
A road of tenants
Trevor Hubbard was living with his parents, Terry and Raebeth Hubbard, at 53888 Hydesburg Road at the time of his arrest. Down the street lived A.M. She said at the preliminary hearing they dated for a while, and it included sex. And the way A.M.'s mother, Tina (whose last name is being withheld for privacy), says it, Terry Hubbard encouraged A.M. and Trevor to meet.
"Terry's the one that pushed them together, he's the one that was pushing that. Every time he'd come down to my house, 'You ought to meet my son, Trevor. You ought to meet my son, Trevor. You two need to get talking. Y'all would be good together'," Tina said.
The reason Terry Hubbard was at Tina's house, which at the time was 53724 Hydesburg Road, is because he was the landlord. Terry Hubbard owns eight lots along Hydesburg Road, according to Ralls County real estate records. He is listed as the deed holder for dwellings at 53690, 53611, 53828 and 53773, all along Hydesburg Road, including his home at 53888. He rents the properties to tenants. Tina was paying $600 a month.
"Well, landlord's son," Tina thought to herself. "Him and his sisters would come down to the house, they'd play out on the trampoline for a while. He'd come down here and there. He was just a quiet little boy is what I thought. He was a pretty scroungy looking kid."
Then one day he showed up cleaned up with a haircut. Much more kempt than before.
"He looked totally different," Tina said. "Then he wasn't a bad looking kid."
A relationship between Trevor and A.M. developed, but then came that October day that would turn everything around.

Between the lines
A.M. testified at Trevor's preliminary hearing they were communicating through text messages Oct. 16, 2012. Their relationship was broken up by this point. She said she was out of school early and was going home to babysit her siblings. She added Trevor came over to talk and that's when he drug her into the bathroom.
But Terry Hubbard understands it a different way.
"From what I understand, she called him up that day and the thing of it is when he got up there, they had their little conversation or visit," he said. "I was home cooking supper for the kids — Trevor wasn't there very long. That's the thing, there's so many things in her report that doesn't make sense."
Tina says the relationship was broken off because A.M. told her Trevor was being controlling and one time drug her by her hair in a church parking lot.
"The day that everything happened, I was on the road and I was coming back home," Tina, who works as a truck driver, said. "When I got back home I went to (Terry Hubbard's) house with a ball bat. He believed everything I said. At least he said he did. I was so mad, yeah. It was before I called the police."
Terry Hubbard said Tina demanded to see Trevor, but informed her he was working and wouldn't get home until 10 o'clock that night. Terry Hubbard said to come back then to discuss what happened, that's when Terry Hubbard said his wife, Raebeth, came to talk with Tina and started discussing their children's relationship. Terry Hubbard said Trevor was the one who broke off the relationship.
"Trevor had caught her running around on him," Hubbard said. "When Trevor found out that she was running around on him, that was when A.M. made up some stuff about Trevor."
Tina said law enforcement yelled at her for going to the Hubbard residence with a bat before making her report, however, after Trevor was arrested she claims Terry Hubbard asked people to follow A.M. and a family member in a truck and ram them off the road. Tina said the ramming and following started on Hydesburg Road in Ralls County and continued all the way to the Shell gas station on Broadway in downtown Hannibal. Tina said it was all an attempt to hurt A.M.
"Right after that happened I moved out within a couple days," Tina said. "I heard that Terry Hubbard called his people and told them that he needed help. That he needed revenge."
"Who am I going to send out to who," Terry Hubbard said in response. "That don't even make sense."
Since the case has become public, Tina says A.M. is getting bullied at school. She said other girls are harassing A.M. calling her a liar. To deal with that Tina said A.M. has been moved to different classes to avoid confrontations.

Won't back down
Terry Hubbard goes to see his son at the Pike County Jail in Bowling Green every Sunday and Wednesday.
Ralls County inmates are housed in either the Pike or Marion county jails since Ralls County ceased its jail operations.
Terry Hubbard said his son is standing by his innocence and is in good spirits. He said Trevor has been reading the Bible each day.
"He's coming along real good and he's got a good attitude," Terry Hubbard said. "I just told him it's one of those things. It's not where you are, it's who you are. Just continue to be honest, and have faith, and be patient. The people that are talking wrong are the ones that's going to be embarrassed in the end, just stay with that."
A plea deal resulting in any kind of guilt admissions won't be in the cards for Trevor. Terry Hubbard said his son won't take anything that results in jail time. He also said a plea deal was supposedly offered after formal arraignment Tuesday.
"They said that they were willing to drop all charges, dismiss everything, if Trevor would take a lie detector test. Doesn't it make you wonder? Why would they give you a polygraph test? There's no evidence, there's nothing, there's nothing to it," Terry Hubbard said. "If I was the prosecuting attorney, and I had rock solid evidence, and I knew what I was doing, I sure as hell wouldn't tell the other person, we're going to drop this if you take a polygraph test. It's like they need something to hold him."
Terry Hubbard said he spoke with his son on the phone from the Pike County Jail.
"It's recorded of course. I said, 'What do you think, son?' He said, 'Dad, she lied. She's a liar, Dad. She's a liar. It ain't that way at all.' I said I know, you've got to let the legal system work through all its gears. That's just how it is. You just got to wait...you've got to be patient," Terry Hubbard said.
Assistant Ralls County Prosecutor Robert Rapp said Wednesday afternoon that "no plea deal is in play." He said plea bargains are always discussed, but a dismissal of charges if Trevor agrees to a lie detector test is not on the table.
"If he would take the test and pass that may make sense," Rapp said. "But what if he fails it?"
Trevor's next court appearance is 10 a.m. March 5. It is not clear if a trial date would be set at that time.
Tina also doesn't expect a plea deal. She said Terry Hubbard is going to "push it."
"I think they've got everything pinpointed," Tina said. "He's looking at, they told me, 21 years."