Tone down rhetoric?
If anyone can guarantee that every criminal in this country will come forward for a background check, and will turn in his gun(s) when--and IF-- he fails the background check, THEN and ONLY THEN would background checks be effective.  But that guarantee is impossible to make within reason.  Polls are  things people use to make their point, myself included.  I won’t use one here.  But if anyone thinks my rhetoric is bad, what about those anti-gun activists who have called for the shooting of the president of the NRA and all its members?
Even a Democratic Party precinct chair in Houston who is also a member of the Texas State Democratic Executive committee, called for shooting them (he later made a feeble apology).
Who needs to tone down the rhetoric?  Those seeking to prevent gun violence promote the very thing they pretend to abhor. I have never suggested that someone be murdered.   Sensible law-abiding people, gun owners or not, don’t suggest such things. But like it or not, the second amendment was written EXPRESSLY for protecting citizens from a corrupt government that attempts to become a totalitarian government.  
The Founding Fathers had already experienced this kind of government; they knew how to prevent it from happening again.   Here’s my stance, it comes from the pledge that even the president of the United States takes:  “... I will defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.” The difference is, I mean it.

Myron Blaine