I see my recent letters require clarification. I cited with approval a good economy in which 71 percent of economic activity originates in the private sector, in the middle class. Our economy crashed in 2008 when middle-class spending crashed. I assume we all want to restore a good economy with plentiful jobs. I wish interested readers would study Paul Krugman’s book, “End this Depression Now,” in which he brilliantly explains what policies will work to accomplish this. We are currently stuck in a Catch-22, in which businesses won’t expand employment until they see more demand, and consumers cannot create more demand until they are employed. I repeat, the Federal government is the only agency with the power to break this stalemate, with temporary stimulus spending to prime the pump. The ultimate goal is to get back to that 71 percent of spending in the private sector. More jobs, more private-sector spending, more income tax revenue, lower deficit.
I also maintain that Washington and Madison wrote the Second Amendment with one specific political goal in mind - ratification of their new constitution by the colonies. Their explicit goal was to reassure these governments that under the constitution, they could still create well-regulated militias to maintain security by suppressing armed rebellion, whether by slaves or free citizens. I am aware that conservative activist Justice Scalia rewrote judicial precedent by finding individual gun ownership rights in the amendment, a notion that former Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren denounced as fraud.

Dave Klassen