Leftover debris from the city of Hannibal’s former wastewater treatment plant, that wasn’t used to fill in basement areas at the site, will be staying where it is.

Leftover debris from the city of Hannibal’s former wastewater treatment plant, that wasn’t used to fill in basement areas at the site, will be staying where it is. A request to remove some of the remnants from the stone buildings was denied by the City Council during its meeting Tuesday night.
Bob Burditt, who had sought to perform the demolition work for the salvage rights to the buildings, was seeking permission to take what’s left of the demolition debris.
City Manager Jeff LaGarce opposed Burditt’s request for a handful of reasons. One is the limited access to the site. It was noted that when Street Department personnel performed the demolition recently, they made one trip in with the necessary heavy equipment and one trip out.
Burditt proposed using a barge to access the site, but Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Knickerbocker suggested this could lead to issues with either the Water Patrol or the Corps of Engineers.
City Attorney James Lemon told the Council giving permission to anyone is a potential liability issue.   
Another factor, according to the city manager, is that before the rocks could be given to Burditt the matter would have to go out for bid. LaGarce suggested that the value of the debris might not cover the necessary advertising and other associated expenses.
LaGarce reminded the Council that the primary purpose of the demolition project was to get them down before someone was hurt at the site.
“Our mission has been accomplished,” he said.
The Council agreed.
In other business:
• The Council approved the sale of city-owned property at 422 N. Main Street to Bill Martin and Lance Smith. The agreed to sale price is $225,000.
• Approval was given to pay Big River Pest Control $2,600 for ongoing maintenance of the city’s pigeon population.
• Diamond H Acquisition Corp. was granted an additional 90 days to complete its commercial flood buyout demolitions.
• Sutton Enterprises was given 60 more days to wrap up its commercial flood buyout demolitions.
• The Council agreed to waive the bid process so the city can work with Park Place Signs on the development of citywide signage. LaGarce explained that there are too many possible options regarding materials, sign size and lettering size to make the bidding process efficient.
• The Parks & Recreation Department was given the OK to spend $10,000 to buy a used bucket truck from the Board of Public Works.
• First reading was given a bill amending the city’s bid limits in 2013.
• Two Traffic Committee recommendations met with no Council resistance: A request for a “no parking” sign in front of the First Christian Church, 1101 Broadway. The parking restrictions will be in effect from 8 a.m. to noon on Sundays; A handicap parking space for the “Yore Uniform Shop,” 403 Broadway.
• Street closures during the Great Race’s stop in Hannibal on Monday, June 24, were approved.
• The Mark Twain Corvette Club’s request to block a portion of North Main on Saturday, Aug. 3, for its annual show was OK’d.
• The downtown route for the 18th annual Hannibal Cannibal on Saturday, July 6, was approved.
• A parking restriction waiver was approved on Brookside Drive Friday through Sunday, Feb. 8-10, to accommodate participants and fans at a large swimming meet being hosted by the YMCA of Hannibal.
• The Council tabled action on the proposed installation of speed tables on Stardust Drive.