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Thank you to the Universe
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January 9, 2013

Dear Whomever,

Thank you for cozy blankets blocking out sounds;

And trains and tracks going round and round.

Thank you technology helping me cope;

Allowing me to always have hope.

Thank you teachers who reach down deep;

Helping me learn the knowledge I'll keep.

Thank you to water ?owing for me;

Your forever existence allows me to be free.

Thank you popping corn between me and mom;

This simple act has created a bond.

Thank you camping world of travel;

This form sent me way beyond gravel.

Thank you to family and loving ties;

Your persistence encourages me to ?y.

Thank you for thank you's I'm able to say;

Verbally with volume, I'm hoping someday.

Thank you for patience I'm willing to own;

To reach the goals no longer on loan.

All of these thank you's are pointless indeed;

Unless the one whose responsible is given heed.

I would have nothing but empty heartache;

If not for this loving, God given faithI

Yours forever

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