Sheriffs stand up for citizens
I have been reading articles about sheriffs around the country taking a stand to defend their respective counties in the wake of the Obama/Biden/Feinstein gun-grab. In fact, it was on my list to contact Marion County Sheriff Jimmy Shinn to see if he would join these other brave elected officials.
Yesterday, I came across an article about four Missouri sheriffs standing up for their citizens. In the article, Marion and Ralls counties were included in the list. It was some of the best news I have read in weeks. I don’t know Jimmy Shinn personally other than via mutual connections but I can state that I am a solid Shinn supporter now. With all the mediocrity in this world and political fear of taking a stand, Sheriffs Shinn and Dinwiddie have become pro-active in this encroachment on liberty.
Our liberty should never be erased by criminals. Criminals must be punished and leave the good guys alone. We all should support our local sheriffs and their deputies as they stand up to criminals in Washington parading around as politicians. More laws only put law-abiding citizens into smaller boxes. Thank you Sheriffs Jimmy Shinn and Gerry Dinwiddie!

Bo Duffy