Let’s face up
to reality
One of this column’s most frequent correspondents has written a series of letters that need to be answered. First he extolled the wonders of Social Security and Medicare, after that he tells us that government is the answer and our government’s over spending and debt are not a problem. Yes, a free lunch is good, but our friend totally avoids the issue of who should pay for these programs. Our government is currently borrowing forty cents of every dollar spent. Current Medicare and Social Security taxes only cover about one third of what most people will collect.
Is it moral to run up debts to be paid by future generations so the current generation can live in comfort without facing up to paying for the benefits they want? Those who believe that these programs are good and worth the cost should have the courage and confidence to ask every citizen to pay their fair share. From what I see American liberals just want to buy votes of selfish low information voters using other people’s money. At least the European social democracies attempt to tax their citizens to pay for social programs. But now countries like France are experiencing growing debt, high youth unemployment and slow growth as their very high taxes and over regulation kill economic growth.
If you care about this country’s and your children’s future you should work for responsible levels of government spending and taxing. Let’s face up to reality!

Harry R. Graves