Concern over HLGU student safety
With increasing frequency over the past year, I have encountered HLGU students on Highway 168 west of the university. I have driven up on individuals traveling at night on bikes without any reflectors. I have driven up on large groups of students walking in the road.  Twice this evening, students startled me. One young man was walking in the middle of 168 at dusk.  On my return trip home, another young man darted across the road in front of me at Van’s Appliance.
I am very concerned with student safety.  I am attentive to the issue, however many may not be.  For those of you traveling around the college especially in the evening, be on alert.  For the students, we can’t see you!  Consider wearing reflective clothing. Bikes should always be equipped with reflectors or better yet lights.  For HLGU, a walking/bike path up to the light and a safe crossing walk for the students across Highway 61 should be in the works.  Additionally, I am not sure why the students are crossing at Van’s Appliance and walking behind the old movie theater, but there is inadequate lighting there as well.  Highway 168 is a busy road with lots of traffic to BASF and Hannibal neighborhoods.  I don’t want to see any injuries.

Dr. Deborah Baumann