I read in the Saturday paper about the MoDOT proposal to raise sales tax to increase revenue. I must comment that in my opinion this is the wrong approach to rebuild our roads. A sales tax, while it raises more revenue hurts those that can afford it the least. Our elderly and citizens that live on fixed incomes are the most affected. The tax would add 1% to everything that they purchase. If MoDOT needs more revenue, the approach that would make the most sense is to ask the voters to increase the gasoline tax that is one of the lowest in the nation. With this approach, the users of the roads pay for the roads and would affect those on a fixed income to a lesser degree.
On the subject of taxes, I feel compelled to comment on Dave’s letter to the editor. He states that “The Presidents job bill would create one million jobs, and employed people spend money…..More spending, more jobs”. He is half right, employed people spend money. I believe that he is incorrect that more spending equals more jobs. The problem in Washington is not that we have a revenue problem. The problem is that Congress has a spending problem. The jobs need to come from the private sector. Dave, in city government, we try our hardest to run with a 20% cushion. If the Congress used the same approach, our grandchildren would not have to pay for what spend today. The government can’t spend its way into prosperity. In the end some has to pay for it.
Michael J Dobson