George did it
Ok, George Washington and James Madison did it together. They wrote the Second Amendment. Since my previous letter, I have come across many articles documenting the history of the Second Amendment - too many to cite here. This Amendment was addressed to the governments of the colonies, not to individual citizens. To Washington and Madison, a “well regulated militia” was run by the government. It was not a group of guys with guns. Think about it. They were writing the rules for an exciting new form of government. They wanted to “ensure domestic tranquility.” Why would they establish a right for citizens to start an armed rebellion against the very government they were creating? They didn’t. They defined such acts as treason (Article III, Section 3). Madison was especially concerned that Southern colonies would not ratify the Constitution for fear they would not be allowed to continue creating militias to guard against slave revolts. In Georgia, for example, the militia thoroughly searched slave quarters every month looking for hidden arms and ammunition. Also, the phrase “to keep and bear arms” had specific military implications. You don’t bear arms against rabbits or squirrels or deer or even a home invader. The states were expected to regulate individual firearms as they saw fit. So how much right to individual gun ownership was established by the Second Amendment? According to Washington and Madison, zero, nada, zip. You weren’t invited to rebel, the states were empowered to stop you.

Dave Klassen