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Kate Fjell and Sherry Broyles have been promoting Boonville tourism for years. With their efforts, tourism has continued to grow each year enchanting people from all over the world with the charm that Boonville offers.
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By Go Boonville
Jan. 22, 2013 12:01 a.m.

After over a year of print, Sherry and I have been invited to go on the Web with Go Boonville. We are very excited about this opportunity and looking forward to sharing our love of Boonville on this blog. Look for us to post weekly or more often depending on what good news we have to share.
Last week was certainly a great week for Boonville. We finalized the ownership documents and the transfer of the Katy Bridge to the City was completed. Woo Hoo! For the past 8 years, the Katy Bridge Coalition has worked to keep this historic landmark right here in town for future generations to enjoy. At the same time, the City succeeded in securing two Transportation Enhnacement Fund grants that will help develop the Bridge. The first grant was for $437,000 which is over 70% of the Phase 1 cost. Phase 1 is the installation of the missing span and renovation of the first truss span into a pedestrian/bicycle bridge. This will enable all of us to get out and enjoy the Bridge. The second project, a grant for $170,367 which represents 78% funding, is a connection project between Main Street and the Tourism Depot, along Spring Street. This includes ensuring all sidewalks are ADA accessible, extending historic street lighting down Spring Street, fixing drainage on Spring and finally installing crosswalks and bike lanes by the Depot and at the Katy Bridge entrance.
While this is great news for Boonville, there is still a long way to go till the Bridge is fully converted. But, I have no doubt the passion, energy, enthusiasm and support found in this town will carry the project completion. Play Local, Shop Local, and Go Boonville!

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