Call it blackmail
As he signed the new gun control bill, New York governor Cuomo scoffed at the idea that restricting magazine sizes won’t make the public any safer. He said curbing magazine size from the old limit of 10 bullets to the new limit of seven reduces “the capacity to kill lots of human beings in a short period of time.” When in less than a second a clip can be changed out for another 7 rounds? That reasoning is weak. And he thinks the law is going to prevent criminals who have “large capacity” magazines from using them for criminal purposes? That reasoning is simply unrealistic. Most people who support gun control don’t really know the difference between “automatic” and “semi-automatic.” Fully automatic guns have been illegal for the general public to own for a long time. When a dog attacks you, you don’t say to the dog “Please don’t bite me” and expect him to stop. Yet that is the epitome of the reasoning most gun control advocates use, usually parroting the liberal media. Many sheriffs around the nation have spoken out saying they are prevented enforcing other Federal laws such as immigration, and it would be unreasonable to expect them to enforce federal firearms laws. And now, President Obama says if you oppose gun laws, you hate children.
It’s nothing short of blackmail and extortion, besides being unconstitutional.

Myron Blaine