Armed citizens
a good defense
to aggression
To understand why we have the Second Amendment, we must look at history.
How did our founders truly feel about the private citizen’s right to bear arms and why? History shows tyrannies take similar paths in taking over nations; confiscation of firearms, confiscation of private property; restricting freedom of speech; and concocting national threats as an excuse for expanding governmental control over everything. This doesn’t happen all at once; it’s done in increments, pitting one group against the other.
The left uses periods of extreme distress and outrage immediately following any shooting to focus the anger of unthinking masses toward stripping you of your gun rights, not crime control. Governments just can’t effectively control millions of armed citizens. “Gun Control” is about power and domination, not safety or crime control. People who have guns dominate those who don’t.
Self defense is a God-given right; an instinct instilled in every living thing to survive and protect their young; an inalienable right to the Second Amendment guarantees every American the right to keep and bear arms, the instruments necessary for protection.
Assault weapons and large capacity magazines are just hype distractions from the true causes of senseless tragedies. Gun-free zones are killing zones, proving to be shooting galleries for the lawless. Neither the police nor the military can protect every American 24/7, but the people themselves can. Armed Americans could be everywhere and provide effective protection against all types of aggression.

Jess Ornelas, Hannibal