No matter what it is, if it saves energy, it's a domino effect in savings. And for their efforts in doing so as a client of Cenergistic, the company awarded the Hannibal School District Wednesday night at the monthly Board of Education meeting.

It may be as simple as turning off lights at one end of the hallway while the other end is cleaned.
Or it may be unplugging items that won't be used while school is out for summer.
"We look at clients like Hannibal that have been solid in the program as far as implementing it and achieving the results that they've achieved," Tom Schober, the Cenergistic Regional President, said. "Not everybody achieves the level that (Hannibal) achieved. We like to recognize their efforts."
Schober also said being smart about energy usage comes down to a "change in behavior within the district to reduce consumption." One of the first steps, he noted, is identifying energy waste that occurs.
Allen Gottman, grounds keeper for the Hannibal School District, said there's been saving techniques that have been used and may not have happened if Cenergistic didn't come along. Along with lighting usage and unplugging items during breaks, Gottman said there's a lot of great management with HVAC systems in the school buildings.
"We're striving to get all of those on a computer and control them from not only central office, but from (employee) homes, particularly in our newer buildings."

School board discussions
The following was discussed Wednesday at the monthly meeting of the Hannibal Board of Education.
Teaching Personnel Changes
Kimberly Coates, teacher at Eugene Field Elementary School, requests maternity leave effective May 11.
Hannah Franke is recommended for a contract as a speech pathologist for the district for the 2012-2013 school year. She received her MA degree in 2012 from Truman State University. She has no prior teaching experience.

Support Services Personnel Changes
Glenna Utley is recommended as custodian at Hannibal High School for the 2012-2013 school year.

Two entries are in for open school board position: Incumbent Linda Clark and Mark Dowil who is expected to take over for Jim Humphreys who is departing the board.

School safety
Hannibal Superintendent Jill Janes said district officials are working with the Hannibal Police Department for upcoming intruder drills at local schools. Janes said the drills would more than likely come unannounced.

School District Business Manager Dana Ruhl will retire at the end of the year.