If convicted, Kirk faces eight years in prison — four years for each charge.

Judge David Hamilton Ash didn't waste any time.
The second he sat down on the bench upon entry to the courtroom, he called Rebecca Kirk to the stand.
For her first day in court facing two counts of evidence tampering, Kirk was dressed in black slacks with a black and white designer sweater. Her hair had grown to her shoulders and was now dyed a light brown, completely different from her blonde, ear-length style she had in June for Calvin Duane Pettey's murder trial. She joined her attorney John Morthland and just as quickly as she walked up to the judge, her preliminary hearing was set.
"I will enter in a plea of not guilty and set preliminary hearing for February 20," Ash said.
Kirk will have to appear in court at 9 a.m. Wednesday Feb. 20 to either proceed or waive her preliminary which would move her case to the circuit court level. After a meeting with Morthland, Kirk left the courthouse with her attorney and two "supporters" in a silver SUV.
Sandy Fugate's family was also present in the courtroom.
"It just seems like we're putting our lives on hold. I just want it done and over with so we can move on," Mary Patterson, Fugate's mother, said in an earlier interview. "I went through a lot of depression, and I'm still going through it. Every month I have to wonder, is this the time we're actually going to put Sandy to rest?"
Patterson along with Fugate's sisters and other family members and friends have made several comments about Kirk's charges since they became official in December.
"We all know she's not going to get what she deserves. I wrote things down of what I'd like to say to her, but to me it's just going to be a waste of breath," Patterson said. "I understand it isn't the gun that killed Sandy, it was the person. I know Rebecca and (Pettey) screwed up, I deal with that every day."
If convicted, Kirk faces eight years in prison — four years for each charge.