Only one witness was called at Trevor Hubbard's preliminary hearing Wednesday.
And she was key.

Only one witness was called at Trevor Hubbard's preliminary hearing Wednesday.
And she was key.
The young woman on the stand was none other than his alleged 15-year-old victim. Her name was used in court, however, given she is a minor, her initials (also indicated in court records) A.M. will be used.
Dressed in a camouflage jacket and a pink soccer T-shirt, A.M. took the stand looking nervous — and at times bit her bottom lip. For the first time in open court the events which led to Hubbard's charges — sexual assault, sexual abuse, felonious restraint and child molestation — were being told.
A.M. said she and Hubbard were boyfriend and girlfriend, but were broken up when they were communicating through text messages Oct. 16, 2012. She said she got off school early that day and was going home to babysit her 4-year-old and infant brothers. Hubbard came over to talk and once there, she said he grabbed her and dragged her to the bathroom.
"I think it was at my feet or my legs that he grabbed," A.M. said.
A.M. began to cry and hang her head as she told Ralls County Assistant Prosecutor Robert Rapp what happened next.
She said Hubbard, dressed in a cut-off shirt, jeans and boots, blocked the bathroom door with his foot and proceeded to have sex with her. A.M. told Hubbard's attorney, Public Defender Jennifer Richardson, on cross examination she and Hubbard have had sex before, yet this time it was not consensual.
"I told him no," A.M. said firmly into the courtroom microphone.
A.M. said Hubbard cleaned up with a towel and she ran into her mother's room with her brothers and locked the door. She said Hubbard came by to see if she was okay.
She never called police, but within the next day or two she said she went to the hospital. She also said she spoke to police twice and had a forensic interview.
Richardson tried to produce an argument to sway Judge David Mobley, however, the judge found probable cause for all charges.
Hubbard's case moves to circuit court. He is scheduled for arraignment before Judge Rachel Bringer Shepherd Tuesday, Feb. 5.