Who is
I have lived in Hannibal all m life; have taken walks, no matter the season. I know when the weather is snowy or icy, etc., it’s the city’s top priority to get highways and streets cleaned. I know that businesses, home owners and renters are responsible for cleaning their areas. But I would like to know whose responsibility is it to clean public walkways and steps on overpasses? I believe these are city property.
I am not the only one who walks along these areas. If a person doesn’t have a vehicle, this may be their only way from point A to point B and back. This could be a route used for exercising, or maybe to just go for a walk, enjoy the scenery and relax. As I said, I know the highways and streets are top priority, but if someone was to fall and get hurt in one of these areas, who would be responsible for paying the medical bills?
I do hope someone can answer my question - whose responsible for cleaning these areas.
Thank you.

Robyn L. Culp