the mess
To all readers dedicated to liberty, the Constitution of the United States of America, its Bill of Rights and the future of yourselves and your descendants.
Go to a engine and enter Patriot Outdoor Find “Senate to go for handguns.” Follow PON on Twitter and Facebook. The National Rifle Association has been the go-to protector of the second amendment for a century. Go to NRA Also log on to for reports. Follow all three sites for news as developments emerge.
Also, log on to Sign up for newsletters regarding this topic from Feinstein. Forward information you find to: local chief-of-police, your county sheriff and active members of the armed services and National Guard with whom you are acquainted. Ask them whether they would participate in the enforcement of unconstitutional (unlawful) seizure of your Constitutional rights. Discuss the matter with any veterans of military service whom you know.
On the flip side: beg, buy, borrow or check-out a copy of “Take this Job and Ship It” by U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan. It is about how global corporatism is ripping off your employment as a part of the New World Order. Corporations play (their) system to amass higher profits - by which they avoid taxes here at home. All this is enabled by our politicians who gleefully suck-up more contributions for campaign coffers from those extra corporate profits. Do some serious thinking about how you can help to change the mess.

Wm. McDannold, Jr.
Lees Summit, Mo.