At first glance, Nathaniel Beauchamp isn't your stereotypical person accused of a crime.
He's a 19-year-old clean-cut young man from Mexico, Mo., standing at about 5'8 with a well-kempt goatee. He's not muscular or fit, just scrawny young man who could still pass for a kid who recently finished the fall semester at Moberly Area Community College.
But nonetheless, the "A" student ­— according to his attorney Kathryn Benson — is in custody facing charges of first degree assault and armed criminal action after an incident at a New Year's Eve party in Monroe City.
According to court records, Brandon C. Wyatt of Hannibal, was stabbed during a fight as 2013 rang in. Witnesses told police the person who did it was a short man wearing a white button up shirt with dragons on it, who left in a car from Mexico. Records show the car was pulled over and in the passenger seat was a man who met the description of the person accused of stabbling Wyatt. It was Beauchamp. On his shirt and hands was blood as indicated by the arresting officer.
Two other men in the car reported Beauchamp said to them, "Let's go, let's go. I got blood on my hands, this is crazy I think I stabbed someone."
Beauchamp said 20 black men tried to attack him, according to the probable cause statement, and that's when he took his knife out. Beauchamp told police someone tried to run up and punch him, but must have run into his knife. The probable cause statement also says Beauchamp made several racial slurs while being taken to the Monroe City Police Station and once there changed his story saying the black men had guns.
During a counsel status hearing Tuesday at the Monroe County Courthouse in Paris, Beauchamp said nothing. Benson attempted remove her client's cash-only stipulation from his $50,000 bond setting, however, Judge David Hamilton Ash kept the status quo while he takes the matter under advisement. Benson told Ash the case is an "issue of self-defense."
A preliminary hearing was set for 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29. Beauchamp remains incarcerated at the Monroe County Jail.