It’s been a year since the city of Hannibal took possession of its new airport terminal.

It’s been a year since the city of Hannibal took possession of its new airport terminal. The passage of 12 months came as a surprise to at least two people in attendance at Wednesday’s Airport Advisory Board meeting.
“It is hard to believe,” said Robin Carroll, fixed base operator at the airport.
“It sure has flown by quickly,” said John Ortwerth, board chairman. “The terminal is in beautiful shape. It still looks brand new and it should look that way for a long time.”
Hannibal’s “front door” to air travelers continues to draw praise, according to Carroll.
“They really enjoy the nice bigger building with so many amenities that makes them feel more at home and comfortable. We have a lot of compliments on how pretty and nice it is,” she said.
While Ortwerth hopes the public will choose the airport’s conference room for civic and business meetings, some visitors may have trouble locating it. One year after the terminal opened there is still no sign identifying where to turn from County Road 425 to reach the new building.
George Walley, board member, indicated he has visited with one local sign company that indicated it could produce a prominent sign with LED lighting for between $5,000 and $6,000.
Funding from the city for such an expense is not likely in the near future, according to City Engineer Mark Rees, explaining there is “less than no budget” for such an item in the current budget.
Because a large sign is not affordable in the foreseeable future, board member John McCoy said that the airport “needs something in the interim.”
The short-term solution agreed to was to ask the Street Department to create a small, two-sided sign - about the size of a speed limit sign - that will say “Hannibal Regional Airport Terminal.” The sign will feature an arrow pointing in the direction of the terminal building.  
Also up for discussion Wednesday was the addition of a flag pole and monument to Bill Schneider, a former member of the Airport Advisory Board.
McCoy reported there is still approximately $1,200 to $1,300 left in Schneider’s memorial fund that could be utilized to help pay for the monument.
No decision was made where the memorial and flag pole will be located, or if they will be placed together.
Some furnishings for inside the terminal are still being sought. A “want list” has been compiled, but it was noted the list was made before the city took possession of the building so some items may no longer be needed.