Happy Christmas everyone!

Another Christmas has come and gone. All the planning that went into our Christmas dinners and all the presents we got for our loved ones are over and done and the New Year will be here in less than a week. So as 2012 winds down and 2013 approaches, what should we be looking forward to?

Well, in case you didn’t know, baseball season is right around the corner. The first Spring Training games start in less than two months. That’s right, Grapefruit League play begins on Saturday, Feb. 23 for the Cardinals with a road game against the Miami Marlins.

That is just 59 days from now.

Pitchers, catchers, and injured players may report to Spring Training 10 days before that first game. So, on Feb. 12, 2013, the Cardinals pitching staff and any injured players can start showing up in came. Three days later, Feb. 15, any position players not involved in the 2013 World Baseball Classic (WBC) may report to Spring Training. If players are not participating in the WBC, the mandatory reporting date for Spring Training is Feb. 20, 2013.

Knowing that we are less than two months away from the start of a new baseball season is exciting. There has already been so much excitement from the Hot Stove season, but nothing will be answered until the players take the field.

So Happy Christmas and Merry New Year, but most of all, here is to a new baseball season that is just around the corner.