Well, if you are reading this, then the world didn’t end on Dec. 21, 2012. But then again, did you really think it would? I guess that means I need to go out and do my Christmas shopping. After all, the big day will be here on Tuesday.

Speaking of Christmas, I know everyone makes a list about what they want. Myself, I think I have been a good boy this year, so hopefully Santa will find it within himself to fulfill my Christmas list. Here are the five things I want for Christmas.

1. Kansas City Chiefs - a new quarterback.

Matt Cassel isn’t the answer and neither is Brady Quinn. I hear the Jets are looking to move both Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez, but if the Chiefs have any sense of improving the team, they will leave both alone and find someone in the draft.

2. Kansas City Chiefs – a new general manager.

Scott Pioli needs to go. The Chiefs had had one winning season during his tenure. With Pioli in charge, Kansas City is not going to bring in the free agents or draft any players who will be able to help the team.

3. Kansas City Chiefs – a new head coach.

What has Romeo Crennel ever done to show he could be a quality NFL head coach? Crennel was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns for four years. He had records of 6-10, 4-12, 10-6, and 4-12. He never made the playoffs.

After Todd Haley was fired with three games remaining in a disappointing 2011 season, Crennel, then the defensive coordinator was named interim head coach. In his first game, Crennel and the Chiefs beat the undefeated Green Bay Packers. Kansas City would lose its final two games, but Crennel was given the full time head coaching job. This year, the Chiefs are just as bad. Kansas City is currently 2-12 and two losses away from tying the franchise record for worst season.

4. Oakland Athletics – a new owner.

Lew Wolfe has owned the A’s since 2005. Since that time he has made it his goal to move the team to San Jose. While I agree the Oakland Coliseum is no longer a prime location for baseball, I also do not want my favorite team moving. The 2013 season will be the A’s 45th season in Oakland and I would love to see them reach 50 years or more.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – to lose.

If I can have just one item on my list, this is it. I would love it if the Angels and Dodgers failed to make the postseason this year. Teams need to be shown that spending money on all the talent in the world is not the way to win the World Series. Look at the Cardinals in 2011. The Redbirds had the 11th highest payroll on opening day. The 2012 Giants were the eighth highest while the 2010 Giants ranked in at No. 10.

The last team to win the World Series while having the top payroll was the Yankees in 2009. Before that,it was again the Yankees in 2000. Of the last 12 World Series winning teams, nine of them have been teams with payrolls ranging between eight and 25 in the payroll rankings.