There is a
better way
The worst school shooting ever, made so by the ages of the children.
President Obama is right: Something needs to change. Changing the law is not the answer. You can legislate behavior, morals, and ethics only to a certain degree. The change must be in the way we teach what is good and decent and right. The abuse of “separation of church and state” has done more damage to our school systems than any thing else.
Those who claim it’s wrong to have the 10 Commandments hanging on the walls of the classrooms surely cannot believe that it is wrong to teach “you should not murder, you should not steal, you should not lie.”
Having those precepts displayed in schools or public venues does not constitute “a state religion.” It promotes time-proven guidelines on how we should act and how to treat others and it reminds us - and students - there is a better way.

Myron Blaine