Fiscal cliff?
Everyday I read the paper, listen to the radio, and watch the news on TV.  Everyone is talking about the fiscal cliff and how bad it would be for the nation.  I guess that I don’t understand why the Congress made the rules that are going into effect at the end of this year.  Did they not understand what was in the law that they passed?
I have learned over the years that I have to make more money than I spend.  It just does not work well for me to do it any other way.  Every person or business that is successful knows this and rule and lives by it.  
I do not want any more than any other American to pay higher taxes or see people that have worked all their lives lose benefits that they deserve.  But the nation is in dire financial condition.  I think that the government needs more income.  I also think we need to cut programs.  That is what the “fiscal cliff” is designed to do.  It will give the government more money and it will cut spending.  
The only problem I have with the whole thing, is trusting any politician to do the right thing with the increased income.  If all increases were to go to pay off the national debt, I would say lets jump off the cliff.  
Making a deal in Washington will not do anything to make our debt any better.  It will just let some politician shine in the limelight. Somewhere down this road, all programs will cease and all benefits will go away.  If the government goes broke, none of those things will be funded.
            Roy H. Goodhart